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Malaysia Standard Time

The Malaysia local time or officially named as the Malaysia Standard Time (MST) is decided by the Time and Frequency Laboratory of the National Metrology Institue of Malaysia (NMIM), the appointed national timekeeper (refer to Cabinet Note H 226/92), from the caesium atomic clocks that it maintained. However, the process is not that straight forward. The time is determined or decided by the practice adopted as practiced by other developed or developing countries, where the clocks data are submitted daily to the International of Weights and Measures (BIPM). Being a member of the BIPM helps a lot, since the performance, accuracy and stability of Malaysia Standard Time is computed from the International Atomic Timescale (TAI), aggregated and based, on all the atomic clocks belonging to other timing laboratories and the derived Universal Coordinated Time (UTC). BIPM monthly publication of Circular-T provides the details of the computation for each laboratory and is used to evaluate the performance of the time dissemination services. NMIM provides time dissemination services such as Network Time Protocol (NTP) service, Precise Time Protocol (PTP) service and Malaysia Standard Time display through the website,


NMIM has also developed a Malaysian Standard Time Clock with millisecond accuracy which is a network time protocol based clock that periodically synchronized to NMIM’s network time protocol servers (, and via internet.




Malaysian Standard Time (MST) Clock


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