Pattern Approval

The Weights And Measures Act 1972 provides the legal basis for examining and approving patterns/designs of measuring instruments suitable for use for trade and other legal purposes.

Examination involves:

  1. Assesment of the documentation.
  2. Assesment of the operation of the instrument against requirements (which are usually based on international recommendations published by OIML).
  3. Performance testing to ensure that the instrument performs as intended (i.e to within allowable maximum permissible errors) over a range of environmental and usage conditions specified in the requirements.

 List of Pattern Approval

  • Linear Measures
  • Liquid Capacity Measures
  • Weights
  • Weighing Instruments
  • Beam Scales And Balances
  • Counter Machines
  • Spring Balances And Scales
  • Dead-weight Machines
  • Platform Weighing Machines And Weighbridges
  • Crane Weighing Machines
  • Automatic Weighing Machines
  • Instruments For The Measurement Of Liquid Fuel And Lubricants
  • Instruments For The Measurement Of Alcoholic Liquor
  • Dispenser For The Measurement Of Liquefied Petroleum Gas
  • Parking Meters
  • Time Recorders Used For Measuring Parking Timemeter1
  • Time Recorders Used For Measuring Time
  • Water Vending Machines
  • Dispenser For Natural Gas
  • Road Tankers
  • Utility Meters (Energy Meters, Gas Meter And Water Meters)
  • Evidential Breath Analysers
  • Refrigerant Identifier
  • Vehicle Emission Device
  • Sphygmomanometer
  • Digital Luminance Meter
  • Smoke Meter
  • Stop Watch


Pre-packaged Products Regulation towards consumer protection in Malaysia
Pre-packaged Product is defined as any commodity that is enclosed in a container or wrapped in any manner, and for which its quantity has been determined and indicated on its label prior to being offer for sale. The quantity of the product contained cannot be changed without the pre-package being opened or doing a perceptible modification. Once Pre-packaged Products Regulation is enforced under Weight and Measures Act 1972 by Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs, all products which fall under this category are required to comply with Average Quantity System (AQS) and no longer based on current practice which is based on Minimum Quantity System.