Gas Measurement

Gas Group in Chemical Metrology Section is responsible in ensuring gas analysis and gas measurement in the country is traceable to gas reference materials.

Gas Calibration

Gas Calibration Laboratory provides calibration of gas analyzers and gas detectors.  Multi-component gas mixtures are used to calibrate various types of these device.

   Commonly Monitored Gases   

     Measurement Range    


    Vehicle Emission Device    

    Measurement Standards    

Carbon Monoxide

Zero to 100 ppm


Carbon Monoxide

Zero to 4.5 %


Zero to 50 %LEL



Zero to 2000 ppm

Hydrogen Sulfide

Zero to 100 ppm



Zero to 21%


Calibration capability for gas detector


Calibration capability for vehicle emission devices 

Water Content in Gas Mixture

Gas Group in Chemical Metrology Section, NMIM is also capable of measuring low water content in gas mixtures. 


Gas Samples


Water @ Moisture

Almost all

(Contact us for further details)

0 to 1000 ppm

Water @ moisture

Oxygen, Hydrogen, Helium, Nitrogen, Air

0 to 10000 ppb

gm1Gas Analysis

Gas Analysis Laboratory is equipped with Gas Chromatograph with various type of  detectors; for example GC-FID, GC-TCD, GC-SCD, GC-ECD, GC-MS and GC-PDHID, which is an ideal tool to analyse gas samples and enabling our end users to determine the amount of different gaseous in a gas mixture.