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Resistance laboratories provide the measurement traceability for resistance as well as development and maintenance of national physical standards for resistance. The laboratories provides calibration measurements with capability  from 1 m to 1 T. The National Standard of Resistance is a 1  and 10 k resistors kept in an oil bath at temperature of 23°C ± 0.001°C. The reference standard resistor is calibrated at BIPM on a regular schedule and disseminate to other resistors by using the automated DCC bridge at range of 1 m to 10 M. Resistance values below 1 achieved by using Direct Current Comparator Bridge with a Range Extender. The system has ratios up to 1000:1 with the relative uncertainty of 10-6. The resistance values from above 10 M are scaled up using a modified Wheatstone bridge by replacing Resistive arms with 2 DC Voltage. The resistance laboratories dissemination, capability and uncertainty are shown in following table and diagram respectively. 


DC Resistance

  • Low range - 1 m to 100 m

  • Medium range - 1  to 10 M

  • High range – 100 M to 1 T


Best Measurement Capability


    ±0.5 m/ to ± 585 m/

                                                            1   standard resistor

DC Current  Shunt

  • 1 A to 100 A


Best Measurement Capability 

:     ±   5 mA/A to ± 100 mA/A