Resistance Thermometry

rt1Resistance Thermometry Laboratory has developed high accuracy capability to support national temperature measurement activities. The laboratory also responsible to ensure all Resistance Thermometry measurement in the country meet and comply with the International Temperature Scale-1990.


The photos illustrate the traceability for Resistance Thermometry measurement in Malaysia. 



International Temperature Scale-1990

 rt4   NMIM: Primary Standards
Calibration of Standard Platinum Resistance Thermometer at Freezing/Melting/Triple Points

Hg MP  = -38.834°C

H2TP=  0.01°C

Ga MP   =  29.7649°C

In FP     =  156.5985°C

Sn FP  = 231.929°C

Zn FP = 419.527°C

Al FP   = 660.327°C

Ag FP  = 961.78°C


NMIM: Primary Standards
Calibration of Temperature Probes by Comparison with Standard Thermometer

Temperature Range: -80 °C to 1000 °C  

 rt6   Accredited Laboratory: Calibration of

Working Temperature Probes 

   Industry: End users or Calibrated